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Welcome to Grants New Mexico!

Grants is a quiet town just one-hour west of Albuquerque on I-40. Grants is the perfect place for those looking to live outside (yet close to) the big city, and enjoy the benefits of small-town life. With all of the necessary amenities, Grants also offers a robust array of outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, fishing, camping, and more. The community focuses on offering family-friendly events and activities for all ages and interests.


Sky City (Casino & Hotel)
Dancing Eagle Casino
The Ice Cave & Bandera Volcano
Guadalupe Vineyards
Grants Farmer's Market
West Theatre
Cibola Arts Council
Thunderbird Bowling Lanes
Uranium Capitol Speedway

Local Schools

Elementary, Middle and High Schools
St. Theresa Catholic School
St. Joseph Mission School


New Mexico State University - Grants

Additional Links

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Health & Fitness

The Dance Center Youth Dance & Adult Fitness
Snap Fitness
Grants Recreation
T-Bones Gym
Let's Dance Zumba Ballroom
J5s Jiu Jitsu MMA Fitness

Restaurants & Nightlife

Surf Shack Pizza
Where to Eat
Yelp Restaurant List
Taco Village
La Ventana Steakhouse
El Cafecito
WOW Diner
First Street Cafe
Kiva Cafe
Outlaws Saloon & Dance

Local Real Estate

Tony Gallegos Realty
Heather Porter Remax
Riverwalk Realty


Grants, New Mexico Statistics
Grants, New Mexico

Albuquerque Attractions (75 miles east of Grants)

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
Historic Old Town
ABQ Bio Park Zoo & Aquarium
Balloon Fiesta & Balloon Museum
Albuquerque Isotopes Minor League Baseball
Pope Joy Hall Performing Arts
Albuquerque Attractions

History of Grants

Like most places in New Mexico, Grants was first home to the Ancient Puebloans, who established an advanced civilization in Chaco Canyon to the north of present day Grants in the 12th century. The long abandoned area changed when the railroad made plans to extend its lines from the east. The first resident of the region was Don Jesus Blea, who owned the contracts for the railroad and established his home in 1872 on the southern side of San Jose Creek. He called his new "settlement" Alamitos (Little Cottonwoods.) Soon, three brothers by the names of Angus, Lewis and John Grant were contracted to build the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad through the region, establishing base camps during their work westward.

In 1881 the railroad reached Alamitos and the settlement became a coaling station. Before the railroad came through, only three or four Hispanic families lived in the area, primarily making their livings at ranching. When the trains arrived, so did the rapid development of Grants, as a tent city sprang up on the west side of town, sheltering thousands of railroad workers. Soon, the settlement's name was changed to Grant's Camp after the three brothers who had built the railroad. Before long, an entrepreneur named Simon Bibo purchased 160 acres from Jesús Blea and built a store and hotel. He also sold much of the property to other businessmen and in no time, several other businesses sprang up along the near the railroad tracks.

During the late 1800's, the area surrounding Grant's Camp had an abundance of water which enticed many homesteaders to farm the region. Others grazed cattle and sheep on nearby ranches or took advantage of the plentiful logging opportunities. In 1882, the post office was established with the name of Grants, but the population continued to call the settlement Grant's Camp. Later when the Railroad Station was built, that changed to Grant's Station and in 1936, the town's official name was changed to plain ole' Grants. Though remaining mostly a quiet farming community, Grants took advantage of the many travelers who came through town when Route 66 was built. Motels and services soon opened right up against the railroad tracks, many of which still operate today.